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OBI4wan offers the tools for online customer service, chatbots, media monitoring and media insights!

We offer independent, as well as integrated, solutions for customer engagement and digital customer service, chatbots, media monitoring and data insights. Our mission: truly engaged customers and organisations. Each day we are committed to making customer engagement via social media, live chat, messaging apps and review sites more effortless and efficient, and also to providing organisations with actionable insights that are based on data. Effortless Engagement is what we call it. And because of the ease of our tooling and technology, we make sure that you can pass it directly on to your customers.

We believe that service goes much further than just answering a question or providing a solution to a problem. The real experience is offered when you can offer the customer more than what has actually been asked for. This applies not only to our customers, but to our customers' customers. We take the extra step for our customers -- are you taking the extra step for yours?

OBI4wan offers powerful solutions for customer engagement, chatbots, online and offline media monitoring and media insights. Combined with our excellent service and advice, we can help your organisation get added value from data from social media, online media, print media, and radio and television. It’s our goal and passion to make this as easy and effortless as possible!

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I’m looking into the structure of data markets and some other things beyond social media. Visit Directed Curiosity to learn more.


SMA is retired. Check out the new projects at Directed Curiosity. I’m exploring the structure of data markets and more.


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