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At a time when digital information has never been so accessible, companies are struggling to leverage on it whether from its monitoring, collecting, analyzing viewpoint.

As a paradox, information professionals (marketing, PR and communications) get bombarded by internal demands from employees who sporadically see articles on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or other SM platforms.

How then to avoid employees spending so much time on the internet seeking for business opportunities (new investment, contract, hiring) or for potential threats ( consumer complaints, brand attacks, or emerging competitive trends)?

Digimind designed a software solution that allows corporations to aggregate and analyze digital data automatically—whether it comes from the regular web, social networks, or from inside companies—before reporting the most relevant intelligence pieces to the right audience (marketing and communications, product managers, sales managers, C-suite or, technologists).

Thanks to proprietary extraction and categorization algorithms, the Digimind solution is the right technology partner for companies dedicated to leveraging the social media and web data.

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Profile updated 3 October 2014