Directory of Companies in Social Media Analysis

A global reference to the hundreds of companies that offer products and services for listening to what people are saying in social media

Navigating the directory

The search box (above and at the top right of every entry) is your friend; the directory contains 382 listings. The map view shows the headquarters locations of most of the companies in the directory. You can also browse the complete list.

Search tip

Search operates on the full text of company listings. In addition to company name, you might try searching for a country, an industry specialty, or another keyword. Search also knows some tricks, like which companies have changed their names or been acquired.

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About the listings

Each company in the directory has its own page with the following information:

  • A link to the company's main website
  • The location of the company's main office
  • A link to the company's Twitter account
  • Links to the company's pages on LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, and SlideShare
  • A description of the company and its social media analysis products and services, provided by the company itself
  • Links to recent news items on Social Media Analysis that mention the company
  • A Twitter widget showing the company's most recent tweets

To be listed, companies are expected to provide products or services for social media analysis using their own technology. Many marketing service agencies and consulting firms offer similar services based on third-party technology, and they are not listed here.

Additions and corrections

To add your company to the directory, or to request a change to your company's listing, send an email to Company descriptions should be 250 words or less, in English.