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Coosto is a revolutionary monitoring and webcare tool from The Netherlands providing ground-breaking insights into the public opinion about your brand, product, reputation and competitors online. Coosto monitors social media including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, blogs and forums. Coosto offers answers to questions like "Who?", "What?", "Where?" and "When?". Coosto is inspired by Jacques Cousteau who knew better than anyone that you need to look deeper and further underneath the surface in order to discover more.

Using the WiseGuys webcrawler technology and its 15 years of experience in web mining and data crawling, independent management of data sources and a distinctive and innovative architecture, Coosto offers social media monitoring at full speed. Whether it's searching through the historical archive, browsing specific text fragments or expanding conversations, Coosto allows users to examine every fine grained detail of the social web.

Coosto is live in The Netherlands ( and the UK (

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Profile updated 16 November 2017