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In their own words

NUVI is a real-time analytics platform for social media. We call this type of platform visual intelligence. We make social conversations on the web actionable and insightful using elegant dashboards and unique visualizations.

Our platform allows brands to instantly see what people are saying about them across the internet, respond to the most important conversations, and influence behavior in real time.

NUVI was born out of a special project by Struck for Gatorade, called Mission Control, which has been highlighted by the Wall Street Journal, AdAge, and other notable publications. Mission Control allowed Gatorade to simultaneously reduce the number of staff required to monitor and interact with customers on social networks, while increasing its brand loyalty and revenue.

Since the Gatorade project, NUVI was rebuilt from scratch using the latest web technologies available and is currently in use by major advertising and digital agencies, multi-national consulting firms, and global brands to monitor and engage in social conversations across the web.

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Profile updated 2 October 2018