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In their own words

Echosec is location based search.

Echosec provides actionable knowledge to public safety, security, marketing, and journalism professionals.

Welcome to a new way to discover the world through social media. Echosec is driven by location services and a mapping interface, which makes it a simple but powerful new way to ask questions and visualize answers.

Echosec released its alpha engine in 2013, which experienced significant global uptake and attracted international press. Active users describe Echosec as simple, useful, and valuable while most are still surprised at the real-time, relevant results.

Echosec’s makes it easy to find location-based, publicly available social media data. The application is cloud based but can be distributed as an ‘on-premises’ application, with its framework specifically aligned with interoperability of existing internal information systems and data feeds.

Echosec’s team is specialized in internet-related services and products.

Our mission is to explore the world differently.

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Profile updated 23 September 2016