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San Francisco, CA, USA

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Zignal Labs is a fast-growing big data analytics startup providing a unique social and digital media intelligence platform and real-time monitoring service. Our clients come in all shapes and sizes, and they include corporations, public affairs companies, political organizations, and government entities. Zignal Labs was founded with the understanding that the traditional 24-hour news cycle now runs closer to 24 minutes. This accelerated pace has changed the rules, creating the need to rapidly analyze, understand and react to changes in the media environment to achieve an organization's objectives.

The Zignal Labs solution embodies the logical evolution of the traditional communications war room by taking the fire hose of real-time online conversations and filtering them into relevant issue categories, making it easy to quickly identify key trending stories. We capture millions of content sources in real time including: news articles, blogs, tweets, public Facebook posts, and social videos. Zignal Labs gives you the tools to be proactive in the digital deluge of today's media environment.

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Profile updated 23 October 2014