Vienna, Austria

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Social Media Monitoring and Web Intelligence—webLyzard makes sense of 'Big Data' by analyzing large amounts of digital content from many different stakeholders.

At webLyzard, we strive to reveal flows of relevant information between stakeholders through trend analyses and media statistics, benchmarks, and customized reports. The extracted knowledge helps marketing and public outreach managers, strategists and chief information officers alike to monitor emerging trends and improve their organizations’ online communication strategies.

The system gathers millions of documents and user comments from news media, blogs and Web 2.0 platforms. It not only identifies how often, in what media, and where information is presented, but also provides a real-time account of topics that target audiences associate with an organization or its products and services. Positive or negative sentiment, an important indicator for understanding the impact of external communications, is detected automatically.

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Profile updated 22 April 2014