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At Daumsoft we're constantly looking for ways to help your company make smarter decisions. We have a decade of experience creating extremely detailed industry reports based on a wide range of online sources, including social media. We analyze billions of online opinions to give you a true sense of what people think about your company, products and industry.

Whether you're looking to enter a new market or improve the appeal of your products in an existing one, Daumsoft offers insight reports and our real-time enterprise-level SocialMetrics™ dashboard, which dig deep into what people are thinking.

We've built a strong reputation in Asia and internationally, analyzing people's opinions on cars, smartphones, TVs, FMCGs and financial services. We also offer trend reports on important issues like green energy, government policy and public health.

Automated Collection and Analysis
Our background is in search, so we know exactly how to find what people are saying about you online. We then use proprietary NLP technology to analyze billions of online opinions for semantic meaning.

Product-level Sentiment
Many of today's products have a huge number of differentiating features that people are discussing online. Daumsoft can help you understand how your customers feel about every detail of your products so you can market them better and offer superior service.

Industry Experts and Research Professionals
Data about your company is useless unless you can find out what it means in the wider context. That's why Daumsoft employs researchers with backgrounds in high-tech, social sciences and marketing to interpret the data we uncover and tell you why people think the way they do.


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