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Centennial, CO, USA

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Turbine Labs AI-powered platform gives senior leaders in private, public, and non-profit organizations the intelligence they need to transform the speed, quality, and impact of their decisions.

There is no internal factor that impacts organizational performance more than the decisions made by its senior executives and leaders. Yet when it comes to modern information delivery, these individuals are incredibly underserved.

Turbine Labs'‚Äč AI-powered platform was designed to combat information overload, fragmentation, and misinformation through the delivery of continuous, unbiased intelligence briefings and alerts on any topic or crisis. Directly to leaders, in near real-time.

With the Turbine, customers simply place requests using everyday, natural language. Data from millions of sources is ingested, filtered, and AI-enriched to provide comprehensive, in-context answers and insights. Because our platform was designed to meet the high expectations for quality and accuracy, human oversight is applied to ensure accuracy and objectivity without sacrificing quality or delivery time.

Easy-to-understand outputs are delivered in familiar formats: email or SMS. No complex software to adopt. No apps to install.

Our mission is to deliver intelligence briefings and alerts that consistently exceed the expectations of our customers, every time. To deliver the truth. To build trust.

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Profile updated 26 September 2019