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Traackr, the leading influencer discovery engine, has built a proprietary search technology to find, track and harness the value of the most influential individuals online. Its Influencer Discovery Platform includes the Authority List, Influencer Monitors and Analytics Suite.

People rather than URLs are at the center of web searches and interactions. Finding those who matter to a company is a very challenging task. Traackr facilitates the identification of the individuals who lead online conversations on a certain topic, brand or product. It allows a company to determine who can generate the best qualified sales leads or whose expertise could be sought to enhance a product.

Traackr measures influence based on a person’s complete online contribution (blog articles, videos, reviews, bookmarks, activity in social networks, etc.) and presents full profiles on each individual. The online influence tool uses three metrics for measuring influence; Reach, Resonance and Relevance. Reach is the audience or community size that each influencer has, Resonance is the amount of activity that influencer generates when they publish, and Relevance measures how relevant to that topic their voice is.

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Profile updated 14 July 2016