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Socialgist is on a mission to help our clients get access to the world’s social media data. We find it, index it, structure it and make it query-able. And we do it at scale, on our own infrastructure and in our own data centers, allowing the largest companies and largest brands in the world to rely on us. Our clients can be our content partners, use our products and access our solutions.

Socialgist's team of professionals have been managing social data for clients for over 20 years. Our team was there when the social media data industry was invented in early 2000. We've been told that we've built the largest "hot" social data repository in the world.

Our API's are powering the largest social media analtyic engines currently in the market today. Our teams span the globe, US, Canada, Europe and Asia, which include some of the most gifted, most experienced social data engineers on the planet. Over the past decade, we've watched our little industry grow from niche to mainstream, and well We Get It!

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Profile updated 26 September 2020