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Prague, Czech Republic

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The networked economy calls for a different approach to data collection, threat detection and risk assessment. The Internet has become the world's dominating data/knowledge base and represents the information-future of any business.

Semantic Visions (SV) solves the problem how to concentrate, condense and analyze the data available that is dispersed over billions of reports accessible into actionable intelligence for business use. SV system is fully automated, operating 24 hours a day, 356 days a year.

SV analyzes the global risk landscapes in real time, allowing customers to detect, manage, mitigate or avoid the various threats to their organization, people or premises. SV analyzes 90% of the world’s news content, millions of signals in the world’s top 10 languages. SV distinguishes critical signals from irrelevant noise and gives our customers the situational intelligence they need to respond appropriately.

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Profile updated 24 August 2020