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Track the voices that matter: Listen to, engage with and influence the most important thinkers, commentators and leaders in your field.

Outcider stakeholder tracking and mapping software takes the mystery out of media analysis and stakeholder engagement, turning complex information and big ideas into simple recommendations and clear results. Fed 24/7 by analysed and refined media monitoring data, Outcider's stakeholder tracking and mapping software helps you deliver the right communications, to the right people, at the right time!

For Public Affairs Agencies and in-house Corporate Affairs teams, it provides your clients, senior management or communication teams with key, up-to-date information on the opinions of key stakeholders, prior to engagement. It will also help your communications team source and develop copy aimed specifically at stakeholders, with content taken from the opinions of those that matter to you.

Our software comes into its own when tracking stakeholders in relation to reputation, crisis or sustainability, in regulated or complex industries.

Outcider has been delivering media monitoring since 2011 through its bespoke, proprietary software. 2021 saw the launch of its latest software development, which includes a monitoring platform update and the introduction of our new stakeholder tracking & mapping function.

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