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In their own words

MeaningCloud is the easiest, most powerful and most affordable way to extract the meaning of all kind of unstructured content: social conversation, articles, documents, web content, etc.

We provide text analytics products to extract the most accurate insights from any multimedia content in many languages. And we do it SaaS and On-prem.

We work for different industries (pharma, finance, media, retail, hospitality, telco, etc.) developing personalized and industry-oriented solutions.

Our scenarios include:

  • Insight extraction in market intelligence
  • Analysis of the voice of the customer, employee, citizen or patient. (User or customer experience analytics in general.)
  • Intelligent document automation
  • Smart ticketing (for helpdesks)
  • Semantic publishing
  • Social emergency management

We started the business in the US as MeaningCloud in 2015, but our company was founded in Spain in 1998 under a different name: Daedalus, a spin-off from the Technical University of Madrid. A background of near 20 years working in the areas of natural language processing, cognitive computing, data science, machine learning or artificial intelligence.

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Profile updated 24 August 2020