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The Locowise team is passionate about social media analytics. Not your everyday "measurement for the sake of measurement"‚Äč but numbers that help you perform better, get a deeper understanding of your fans and most importantly provide a platform for action. We are unapologetically vocal against all fluffiness, especially if the aforementioned fluffiness is passed off as analytics.

Every waking hour of every day the team at Locowise are looking to understand what would give you a better insight into your social media communities. We work hard to understand the dependencies each metric has upon the other, we delve deeply into the impact following each output would have and develop platforms to help you take action and measure effectiveness.

Welcome to the home of social media reality. Staffed with some of the brightest most passionate people on our planet, the team at Locowise is committed to providing an unprecedented level of insight on your social media assets. We exist to make you more knowledgeable, smarter and equipped to take action.

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Profile updated 29 August 2020