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Klear is a big data search engine for influencers. We help brands build, scale and measure influencer programs.

With a database of over 500 Million influencer profiles broken down into over 60K categories Klear provides the ability to search influencers in any niche category, in any language, and any country or city across the globe, and provides detailed information about their social footprint and the demographics of their followers.

This enables brands to quickly identify the most relevant key influencers in their verticals based upon their target audience or demographics of their followers according to the brand’s strategy.

These influencers can be easily managed in Klear's influencer CRM together with their contact information and status for easy outreach.

To help you measure your influencer programs, Klear provides real time performance reporting including the impact of each influencer and the overall ROI for the brand.

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Profile updated 26 September 2020