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From media intelligence to TV attribution, we give you the data that tells your strategic marketing story.

Our media intelligence solution gives you access to billions of online conversations, which not only empowers you with insight to see and respond to what people are saying about your organization; it also help you measure, analyze and identify important trends over specific time ranges, points in time and in near real-time.

With near real-time tv attribution and image recognition we can help you better understand how consumers are making decisions about your brands. Visualize the immediate impact of the moments consumers see and hear tv advertising spots, sponsored events and news programs and see the attribution from each click, search, social post, web visit and online purchase.

We are a leading media intelligence firm that provides marketing, communications and advertising professionals with better data, deeper analysis and a richer experience in paid, earned, shared & owned media analytics across television, online, social & first party data sources.

iQ media’s premiere suite of analytics tools equip these professionals with the data they need to make smart, forward-thinking decisions about how to manage their brand reputation on television, online and beyond.

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Profile updated 11 December 2015