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Founded in 2008, Fisheye Analytics is a premier media intelligence company. With cutting edge research and technology, we specialize in enabling corporate clients and governments to integrate deep insights from traditional media and social media into real business decisions.

Our custom-designed technology solutions are founded upon a world-class media monitoring and analytics engine. Together, they empower clients to drill down into public opinion and harness that information in the most effective and efficient way.

In photography, “fisheye” refers to a wide-angle lens that takes in an extremely wide image. Fisheye Analytics applies the same holistic, 360-degree view to media intelligence. We can aggregate information across all media worlds—be it online news, print or video, or social networks and social media such as Facebook, blogs, forums and Twitter. Powerful algorithms then ZOOM IN on only what’s important to you—your brand, your campaigns, your competitors, your stakeholders.

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Profile updated 22 April 2014