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In their own words

Circus Social is a digital data analytics company that specializes in digital & social intelligence, and analytics platforms.

With offices in Singapore and Banglalore, India, Circus Social offers a full suite of social & digital analytics services, including but not limited to, social media & digital listening and monitoring, analytics and reporting, brand impact measurement, competitor benchmarking, consumer insights, and social intelligence and predictive technology.

Our solutions include:

  • 20/Twenty: 20/Twenty is the world’s most comprehensive social intelligence platform that helps marketers make better business decisions by collecting, augmenting and integrating social, online and Offline News, with Dow Jones Factiva, on one easy-to-use platform.

  • Circus Command Center: our proprietary data visualization module that allows brands to view real time trends, spot crisis situations and benchmark campaigns.

  • i2, Intelligent Itinerary: specially commissioned by Singapore Tourism Board, i2 gathers and generates real time insights of travel preferences to help companies curate effective and up-to-date itineraries for their customers.

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Profile updated 1 April 2020