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Atribus, social networking and online reputation monitoring tool

Atribus finds, filters and categorizes all the information collected in social networks, digital newspapers and websites. Connect and interact with your audience. Atribus allows you to discover the most influential users who talk about your brand and offers you the possibility to contact them directly. It also gives you data about them offering you the possibility to refer to them and enhance the visibility of your publications.

Every mention is analyzed exhaustively. Atribus offers statistics, sentiment, author of the publication and information on its profile, etc.

Configure your customized report with graphics and data of Attributes, the logo of your company and download it in PDF. Create your own custom templates.

Atribus is based on the following social networks: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google + and YouTube. In addition, the tool searches digital newspapers and websites, distinguishing between forums, blogs or webs. Each of these sources have their own timeline where you can consult all the references that refer to the defined search terms.

All information is collected in real time. You can get a global vision, useful for making decisions about your online reputation, marketing strategies or communication in order to achieve your goals.

Atribus allows you to control keywords, mentions or hashtags and analyze numerous variables according to your interests or needs. You can monitor the online reputation of your company / brand / person on social networks and on the Internet.

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Profile updated 15 November 2016