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Nathan Gilliatt is the founder and publisher of Social Media Analysis. As principal of Social Target, he advises clients on intelligence and analytics strategies that incorporate social media and other sources. An independent analyst on the business of social media analysis since 2006, Nathan advises both buyers and sellers in the market.

In addition to SMA, Nathan writes about intelligence, methods, and everything else at And, Not Or.

Nathan's recent posts

All Good Things

This is the final post to SMA. When I started the site in 2009, I never would have predicted how far it would go. Now it's time to focus on new projects.

New Papers, 24 May 2022

Lumoa, NetBase Quid, Ornico, Signal AI, Visibrain, YouScan

Software Updates, 20 May 2022

Mediatoolkit, Retriever

New Papers, 17 May 2022

NewsWhip, Rival IQ, SOCi, RAND

Software Updates, 13 May 2022

Crowdfire, Emplifi, Mention, NetBase Quid, SentiOne, SocialFlow,

New Papers, 10 May 2022

Atribus, StatSocial, Synthesio


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