Mapping Data Markets Across Verticals

The follow-on project to SMA is now live: the Data Market Study looks at how third-party data moves from source to end user. I’m building on 15 years of tracking the market for social media analysis tools, zooming out to explore across vertical markets, data types, and methods of collecting and analyzing the data.

The project started with an observation linking the markets for social media data and aviation intelligence. The plan is to explore more vertical markets, defined by either their customers or source data, to discover what they have in common and what makes them different.

I’m sharing observations, insights, and interesting things I find along the way in the new Directed Curiosity newsletter. Join me there, and let’s see what we discover!

Discover the new project

How does third-party data get from the source to the end user? Follow the exploration at the Data Market Study, also sharing discoveries and insights in a newsletter.