All Good Things

I’ve run Social Media Analysis as an industry news site since 2009, and now it’s reached its end. Updating the site takes more time that I can justify as I refocus my attention on other projects—the kind that can pay me, if things work out.

As part of the shutdown, I plan to sell the domain name, If possible, I’d like to keep it among friends. If you’re interested in acquiring this domain for your business, please contact me.

Thanks for following along all these years. When I started looking at companies monitoring social media in 2006, I had no idea where it would lead. I went through my old notebooks last week and was amazed at the conversations we shared as this whole market emerged. The stories we could tell…

Now, onward to new adventures. If you’re interested in the new projects, I’m happy to connect and catch up. You can always find me here and on LinkedIn.

Update: The new project for 2024 is now live: Introducing the Data Market Study.

Photo by Mario Majer on Unsplash

Discover the new project

How does third-party data get from the source to the end user? Follow the exploration at the Data Market Study, also sharing discoveries and insights in a newsletter.