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YouScan serves around 400 clients, including major international brands and agencies like Nestle, PepsiCo, Dyson, L’Oreal, McDonald's, Samsung, GroupM, and Publicis Media.

Headquartered in Kiev, Ukraine, YouScan started as a social media monitoring tool particularly tailored for the markets of CIS (Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus), with an emphasis on local sources (such as, blogs, forums, review sites and online news) and languages, as well as advanced NLP capabilities.

Building on their success in the region, YouScan is expanding their services to the US, UK, and Canada, targeting medium-sized businesses across multiple verticals.

YouScan features a user-friendly interface, visual-centric reports, and automatic insights from brand social media mentions. Notable features include an image gallery for visual brand perception analysis, smart AI-powered alerts, and Slack integration. All YouScan pricing plans include unlimited data and unlimited users.

To learn more about integrating YouScan social media listening into your customer offerings, get in touch with the team at


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