Day of Acquisitions in Nearby Businesses

Keeping track of acquisitions in social media analysis is usually easy: when a company in the industry buys, or is bought by, another company, it counts. Some of the recent deals complicate things. Companies that bought their way into SMA are also buying social media companies that aren't analytics companies, and technology specialists who work with social media data—but not exclusively—are doing deals aligned with their core strategies. I don't usually include those here, but when three tangentially relevant deals hit the news on the same day, it's worth noting.

GeoIQ joins ESRI
A merger of two privately held companies in the geospatial analysis space doesn't look like a social media analysis deal, except that GeoIQ introduced GeoIQ Social late last year, and ESRI has demonstrated its use of social media data in mapping applications. Noteworthy to anyone who wants to see social media data on a map.
press release, GeoIQ blog

Oracle buys Involver
The enterprise software giant Oracle (NASDAQ:ORCL) continues its assembly of a social media software stack with an agreement to acquire Involver.
announcement, Involver blog

KANA Buys Ciboodle
KANA got into SMA with its acquisition of Overtone last April, but its real focus is on customer service, which shows in the recent acquisition of Trinicom and today's announcement that the company is buying Sword Ciboodle. Ciboodle develops software for customer-service call centers and online support communities.
press release, Ciboodle blog


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