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Sensekit by IPG Mediabrands, founded in 2010, is a leading social media data analysis tool with three products. Sensekit is a partner with Heroku, Facebook, Amazon and Google.

Sense Monitoring listens, analyses, reports and take actions in this big internet data. Sense Monitoring knows that the worth in this monitoring field is more than reporting. Sense’s difference is coming from its presentation skills of the new strategies and action plan. Sense Monitoring works with leading brands and social media agencies based in Istanbul.

Sense People provides golden data to the brands by the tokens taken from the users while they are attending to Facebook and Twitter campaigns. The data of the Facebook/Twitter user will be up to date with the campaign tokens and it can be classified. The brand can use its marketing strategy more adapted to social media era.

Sense Tickets can take actions from the conversations about the brands in social media channels. With this advanced support technology users can easily classify and transfer the conversations, which set by the Sense Monitoring to the Tickets system. The support process is all held and controlled by a one single panel and it helps to increase the efficiency of the work.

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Profile updated 24 February 2015