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iSentium is the world's leading provider of highly predictive, real-time market sentiment signals to institutional investors globally. Traders, portfolio managers, and other market participants rely on our patented iSENSE sentiment signal for a timely, accurate decision-making edge over the competition to outperform the market. Because iSentium’s patented technology is not replicable, it has quickly attracted the attention of some of Wall Street's most high profile and successful practitioners.

Covering over 8,000 US stocks, indices and ETFs, our iSENSE sentiment signal consistently predicts short and medium term price movements. Developed by a team of world-renowned linguists and supercomputing experts with a combined sixty-five years of research and development experience, the iSENSE sentiment signal uses a proprietary natural language processor that analyzes hundreds of thousands of finance-related Twitter tweets and computes the prevailing sentiment continuously throughout the day in a matter of milliseconds.

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Profile updated 3 February 2015