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FirstRain's cross-platform solutions provide business professionals with analytics tuned to their specific company strategy and allow them to deeply understand the continuously changing business dynamics of their target markets.

FirstRain analytics run on a sophisticated, infinitely scalable big data platform, finding and organizing business-relevant data from the entire Web and the Twitter firehose to give users personalized insight into their business world. Our algorithms then aggregate the data into easy-to-grasp visualizations, which highlight trends and clusters, anomalies, dynamic linkages and connections that flat-list news based services cannot provide.

FirstRain Personal Business Analytics™ integrates seamlessly into the systems your teams already use, whether through the world's premier CRM and social enterprise platforms or mobile. Having personalized, hyper-relevant data at their fingertips transforms your entire company into experts on their customers’ business and enable them to work smarter and more efficiently.

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Profile updated 3 August 2017