A Letter from Ukraine

Alexey Orap is CEO of YouScan, an SMA sponsor.

It’s been two weeks since Russia started a brutal, unprovoked war on Ukraine. These days have felt like one long day of struggle for our Ukrainian team and me, too, as a citizen, father, and company CEO.

Despite all the challenges, YouScan remains operational and will continue to do so in a new reality that we’re in now. We’re taking care of our employees and keeping our platform fully functional, no matter what. With highly reliable cloud infrastructure and the most potent team able to operate in a fully remote mode, we will continue to deliver our best-in-class social media intelligence product to our customers.

We’ve also made a bold decision to phase out our business in Russia entirely. We have already stopped all new sales there and will be serving existing customers in Russia only until their contracts expire. A very significant part of our revenue was traditionally coming from that market, but we’ve decided to put moral principles above the business interests.

It also means we'll have a tough time ahead of us, financially, as we'll be substituting lost revenue in Russia with revenue coming from other markets, like the US, UK, EU, LATAM, and others.

So if you’re an international brand or agency, the best way to support us is to subscribe to the YouScan 🇺🇦 social media listening platform right now.

It will also be a fair deal for you. As many of our happy global customers testify, our social media listening platform is indeed one of the best on the market, with powerful text and image analysis capabilities, sleek UI, customizable reporting, and built-in integrations.

You can fill out the form to request a demo, and we’ll do our best to show you its full power.


Alexey Orap 🇺🇦
Founder & CEO, YouScan