Software Updates, 27 September 2013

Recently announced software updates:

  • Augure
    UI refresh to reflect rebranding and consolidation of iMente acquisition.

  • Brandviewer
    Facebook commenting, filter by mesoregion, filter by group, top 20 mesoregion chart, custom report generator.

  • Crowdbabble
    Instagram analytics.

  • DataSift
    Historic Preview.

  • Gnip
    Search API for Twitter (30-day history).

  • Infomart
    Threshold-based alerts.

  • MutualMind
    On-demand PDF reports.

  • Oracle
    New integrations between Oracle Eloqua and Oracle Social Relationship Management (SRM).

  • Simplify360
    Salesforce integration.

  • Synthesio
    Major release: integrated monitoring, analysis & engagement platform; new mini dashboards, new report builder.

  • Tracx
    Custom workflow stages, multiple teams, team performance dashboard (workflow metrics).

  • Viralheat
    Instagram monitoring and analytics. Also, bulk scheduling of posts, custom date ranges in reports.

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