Write for SMA

New for 2021! SMA invites posts from anyone in the industry. If you'd like to write for us, please note these guidelines:

  1. Posts must focus on one of the site’s major themes:
    • The evolution of social media analysis
    • Vertical markets
    • International markets
    • Sources, methods & strategies
    • Career & skills development
  2. Choose your topic wisely. Guest posts are limited to one per company, per year. Additional post opportunities are a benefit of sponsorship.
  3. Before you write your post, review the discussion of each theme below, and send a short summary of what you want to write to editor@socialmediaanalysis.com. Questions and inquiries about specific topics we’re looking for are welcome.
  4. Write something that people will want to read. Use your company’s work to provide examples or illustrations, but the overall impression of the post must be informative, not promotional. Think magazine article, not company blog post.
  5. SMA is an English-language site with an international audience. Write your post in English, but you are welcome to include links, sources, illustrations, etc. in other languages.
  6. Guest posts may include one link to a post or report on your site. Links to sources on other sites are welcome.
  7. All guest posts include attribution to the company that contributes it. If an individual byline is desired, include a brief profile that includes author name, company and title.

A deeper look at the themes

Take these as ideas, not as a required outline.

The evolution of social media analysis

Evolution is about things changing over time.

  • How is the present different from the past? What do you expect to change in the future?
  • This theme has multiple angles, such as technology, business practices, client expectations, consumer culture, online norms and laws. Some sources of change might be more about social media or social media analysis.
  • Posts on this theme should incorporate multiple perspectives rather than being individual opinion pieces.

Vertical markets

Pick a specialized market (e.g., healthcare, travel, financial services, security). For your market:

  • How do people and companies in this market interact with social media? What makes it different from other markets? Consider characteristics beyond social media to help the reader understand what is special about this market.
  • How can social media analysis help, and what is unusual or unique about SMA in this market? What are its special challenges?
  • What legal or regulatory issues affect social media and SMA use in the market?

International markets

Pick a country or region of the world. For your market:

  • How do people and companies in this market interact with social media? Which social media platforms are particularly popular, and are any unique to the market? Does the market have unusual language requirements or challenges to consider?
  • What makes this market different from others? What should the reader know about its culture, economy, history, etc. that explain differences in social media activity?
  • What is unusual or unique about social media analysis in this market? What are its special challenges?
  • What cultural, legal or regulatory issues affect social media and SMA use in the market?

Sources, methods & strategies

This theme is about explaining how social media analysis works.

  • Sources are specific data sources, such as an individual social network platform, or a category of sources, such as forums or the dark web.
  • Methods are the analytical methods applied to the data, such as sentiment analysis, influence analysis, or image recognition.
  • Strategies are the practical applications of social media analysis in support of business/organizational strategies and objectives.
  • You might cross-pollinate with the evolution theme to discuss how sources and methods are changing, especially to highlight an emerging source or method and its importance.
  • Include enough detail for a professional audience to evaluate and implement what you're describing.

Career & skills development

This theme is for posts about getting a job in social media analysis, building professional skills, and personal advancement.

  • While most of the site assumes an experienced, professional reader, these posts can be written with a beginner in mind.
  • SMA readers work in a variety of settings, including software vendors, research and marketing agencies, and corporate and brand marketing. Career and skills development posts should address the professional development interests of at least one of those segments.