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A SaaS platform that genuinely understands language, delivering metrics-led insight from unstructured text... in all its misspelt, sarcastic glory.

Traditional "social listening" software does a great job with quant data (likes, shares and impressions) but has never been good at understanding the text. Their word clouds are meaningless and their abstract sentiment scores are unactionable. Even the latest NLP models and techniques—from Google Bert to GPT-3—are only good for a narrow range of use cases or require manual model-training by advanced data scientists.

As a result, big brands have had no way of understanding what their customers really think, not just on social but in reviews, customer complaint data, surveys and chat.

Wordnerds is different.

Founded by linguists, our SaaS platform builds on the very latest AI/NLP techniques, but does so through the lens of advanced corpus linguistics. The result is a user-trainable model that genuinely understands language. We group ideas by meaning—not vocabulary—and link sentiment to topics.

We know that "the 08:05 from Paddington is late" and "my train still hasn't arrived" are the same problem articulated using different words. We understand that "this water tastes like crap" is an issue for a utility company and "this crap tastes like water" is a problem for Budweiser. We detect sarcasm, a feature no UK-based text analytics platform ever needs.

We uncover the true voice of the customer, helping brands like P&G, the UK Government and Nissan listen, understand and act.

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