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VeritasSquared is the ultimate ally of the savvy professional seeking actionable intelligence within the socio-cultural and linguistic dimensions of the social media universe. Social media represents the sum total of human complexity—attitudes, feelings, emotions, prejudice, linguistic and cultural diversity, love and hate. The idea that software can fathom and decipher these ultra-complex components of the human experience is at best bad science-fiction.

You can't "measure," as in analyze and comprehend the nuances and cultural subtleties of human expression. All this "measuring" talk is a silly simplification, a dumbing down with the sole purpose of making you believe that there is an easy way to discover true meaning by sitting in front of a PC screen watching fancy charts and graphs produced by some software program. So you have a 1000 "likes" and people write awesome things about you. Great! But if you are thinking strategically, if what you're after is an understanding of what leads your target audience to feel the way it does, and to have these insights flow into your strategic actions, then there is one thing above all that you must know. You must know the "WHY?" behind your target audience's sentiment.

VeritasSquared will give you the WHY—monitoring software won't. VeritasSquared will analyze the perceptions, needs and desires of your target audiences. Online software does not even come close. VeritasSquared will uncover what culturally unites people in their conversations about your products/services, and what separates them. Monitoring software providers don't even try.

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Profile updated 16 April 2014