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UKNetMonitor has been tracking social media since 2005 making us one of the most experienced and long-standing social media monitoring organisations in the UK. Our clients include BSkyB, Asda, O2, ArcelorMittal, Anglo-American, Saga, The AA, and BSM.

UKNetMonitor offers comprehensive coverage monitoring across the entire public web including blogs, discussion forums, online mainstream media, video, and social networks in most of the common languages, including Arabic, Russian and Chinese, across all territories around the world.

We provide a range of services that finds needles in haystacks:

  • Printed summaries and reports
  • Drillable Online Dashboards, statistical analysis, segmentation and metrics
  • Concise extracts with direct links to original content
  • Monitoring alerts by email, phone or SMS
  • XML/RSS feeds
  • Bespoke research and trend analysis
  • Advice on responding to adverse issues
  • Retained and accessible historic data
All information is catalogued to meet client needs, for example, by business area, product, territory, or theme with custom-built visualisations. Our approach is geared to accuracy with a high degree of human intervention that ensures correct disambiguation and relevance; an appraisal of significance that is calibrated closely to client needs; sentiment analysis that is precise and context driven; and evaluation of influence based on an in-depth knowledge of the sector.

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Profile updated 16 April 2014