Berlin, Germany

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In their own words

We at uberall believe in an idea that we call “the local web.” The local web offers us and others complete and accurate information on all things local – places, people and events. On our phones. On our tablets. On our PCs. And even in our in-car GPS systems. It helps us navigate the world a little better and have a lot more fun along the way. It is our mission to build first-rate products that contribute to the evolution of the local web. For that we were awarded the annual “Oscar” of the German Search and Directory Publishers Association [VDAV] in 2013.

uberall is Germany’s leading Geomarketing Platform and we’re pushing hard to become the leader in our space in all of Europe. uberall makes it possible for stores, restaurants, doctors, gas stations, museums, hospitals, police stations and any other type of local business or public institution to automatically optimize their online presence. With uberall they ensure that people will easily find them when searching for directions, opening hours, recommendations, event schedules, and other relevant information.

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Profile updated 8 October 2015