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Trackerbuzz was created to address the lack of fully global and truly multi-language social media monitoring, analytics, and integration services.

Our site was designed and built to fit your worldview and daily process needs. Our CRM Integration was designed to make adding social to your Sales/CRM process easy and immediately useful.

Features include:

  • A Worldwide list of social media and other sources (e.g., China’s Weibo is included)

  • Full social Search and then Trackers to follow a topic’s most recent posts and trends

  • We also include a Search for People/Profiles (not found in normal posts searches)

  • Search and view in any language, and sort posts easily

  • Easily find and indentify top influencers/authors

  • Track sentiment on a topic—both quickly to spot trends and with more advanced Analytics like our very popular Riverbed infographic

  • Create Alerts based on any need.

  • Along with other Analytics/Reports to help you answer you business questions.

  • CRM Integration—we offer NetSuite integration today.
We are focused on the mid-market (in APAC and the US).

Why TrackerBuzz? We started this company because our mid-market friends and peers did not have a social solution for their worldview and integration needs. The options out there did not fit their process and business.

We believe very strongly in understanding your real process and the business answers you need to come up with every day. We understand you have a larger process in mind versus real world budgets (Marketing, CRM/Sales, etc.).

Thus, TrackerBuzz has the items you need and can use now & we also offer room to grow.

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Profile updated 16 April 2014