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We connect trending social content to investable companies.

The multiplicity of chatter that propagates through large user communities presents an atypical opportunity to discover and monitor emerging and collapsing trends in a way that was never possible before. Even so, financial markets are grossly inefficient in their ability to identify insights bubbling up from non-financial channels and social networks. So how can investors efficiently identify actionable insights hidden within terabytes of unstructured social data and non-financial news flow?

Our pursuit of that answer inspired TickerTags, a taxonomy comprised of keywords and phrases (Tags) that are associated to public tickers. A team of crowd-sourced curators with company specific expertise manages our ever-evolving registry of 250,000+ Tags.

Frequency and sentiment of Tag mentions across conventional news and social channels are historically indexed for benchmarking, comparison, charting, and alerting. The TickerTags taxonomy evolves news monitoring from view-limited tickers to social-monitored tags that serve to parse the world’s data streams without human bias.

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Profile updated 4 October 2015