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The Sandpit is an innovation and investment organisation dedicated to finding, developing and launching the best technologies within the online sales and marketing space. Our stand-out technology is SoDash, a social media engagement dashboard that uses artificial intelligence to help businesses generate a solid return on social media.

SoDash was created to help brands and organisations monitor and interact with the market. It's unique in the marketplace thanks to its artificial intelligence algorithms. These learn what is important to each individual business—there is no "one-size-fits-all." Sodash can be trained to make any distinction that's relevant to each business or campaign. Clients can define their own categories and easily build powerful automation and analysis off the back of that. Once trained, SoDash will automatically tag messages that are sales leads or positive or negative comments about your brand or competitors, deliver market information, ghost write and send responses and much more.

Essentially, other tools on the market have been developed to focus on monitoring whereas SoDash is built for engagement. Monitoring is a given. With SoDash, you can quickly make sense of the countless conversations and turn them into something valuable.

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Profile updated 16 April 2014