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SocialFlow is a social distribution and monetization platform that is purpose-built for media companies. Our technology enables the world’s most successful publishers to easily distribute engaging social content while providing them monetization opportunities across multiple social networks.

Our publishing software is used by tens of thousands of journalists across the world and extends the reach and engagement of editorial content and stories to the social sphere. When you see a news item in your social feed, the odds are good that it came through SocialFlow.

SocialFlow’s advertising products help publishers create new revenue streams from their social efforts. With native solutions and AttentionStream sponsored post ads, SocialFlow helps media companies leverage the unmatched scale and distribution of social channels.

Founded in 2009 and based in New York, SocialFlow’s client roster includes half of the top 150 media companies including Condé Nast, Time, Inc., The Associated Press, and the BBC.

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