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SocialFlow is a leading social media marketing company offering businesses and brands a solutions-based approach to connecting paid, owned and earned social media strategies. Powered by high-performance, proprietary technology and predictive data analytics, the company offers a full suite of services that expand audience engagement and increase the average revenue per customer, seamlessly meshing businesses goals with a company’s social media strategy.

In addition to its precision products, Cadence and Crescendo SocialFlow also analyzes social signals and identifies for marketers where money should be spent on Promoted Tweets, Promoted Posts and Sponsored Stories, extending the reach of successful content and connecting earned and paid strategies for Twitter and Facebook.

Founded in 2009, SocialFlow is home to a world-class research team whose work has been featured in Reuters, New York Times the UK Guardian, Fast Company, Xinhua, the Huffington Post, MIT’s Technology Review, Nieman Journalism Lab, Business Insider, International Business Times, Salon and many others. Based in New York City, SocialFlow has helped numerous well-respected brands such as the Economist, Pepsi, Burberry, Forbes, Walmart, Buzzfeed, and Human Rights Watch dramatically improve ROI and maximize clicks, conversions, likes, Retweets, shares and engagement.

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Profile updated 16 April 2014