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Social Elephants is the platform that pros use to analyze and manage social media. Its exclusive functions for management, insights and competitor analysis will give you the resources you need to get the most out of your social media campaigns.

All your channels on just one dashboard. Schedule posts, engage with your community and get reports from different social networks, comparing with your competitors to make smart decisions in your social media strategy.

A full set of functions that will ensure professional social media management:

PUBLISHER: Create drafts, send them for review, get approval and schedule them on all social networks.

CONTENT: Monitor and engage with social conversations, provide efficient customer service and assign tasks. Tag content and get relevant KPIs in real time to reveal the best-performing posts. Conduct searches using powerful filters on historical data.

INSIGHTS: Access advanced metrics for activity on your channels, your audience engagement and other content statistics. Collect data in a visual and intuitive way with interactive graphs that allow for easy detection of successful posts.

PEOPLE: Analyse your community, identify your most active fans/followers and influencers, discover their needs and interests and engage with your customers like a pro.

BENCHMARK: Monitor your competitors or any social media profile that you find inspiring, compare the main KPIs and detect the best-performing publications. Analyse content, find the most popular keywords/#hashtags and follow the most relevant external links.

LISTENING: Monitor conversations mentioning specific keywords or #hashtags, analyse their impact, get socio-demographic insights and detect influencers.

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