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Beijing, China

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In their own words

SinoTech Group is a China-based, globally focused provider of social intelligence technology and consulting services. Established since early 2007, SinoTech helps clients leverage social media and online channels to gain greater understanding about their brands, competitors, and industry trends in China and around the world.

SinoTech social intelligence services include customized research, consulting, and syndicated reports. Clients get access not only to consultative services but also to our proprietary social intelligence platform known as “SIP:Enterprise”.

SIP:Enterprise (short for "Social Intelligence Platform") is a leading social intelligence technology for gaining insights and determining meaning from digital Media. SIP is a powerful tool for monitoring and analyzing overall online brand awareness and sentiment. Utilizing sophisticated algorithms, SIP can understand and highlight conversation and authors that are writing positive or negative information about your company, products or services, in any social network site, blog, microblog, portal, review site, wiki, and forum.

SIP: Enterprise also provides insights into customer retention and loyalty through analysis of customer comments towards brands, products, services and sponsored events.

Most importantly, SIP:Enterprise can provide these insights in 11 different languages. SIP:Enterprise can be licensed in two ways; directly by the customer or through one of our Agency partners.

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Profile updated 16 April 2014