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Seattle, WA, USA

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In their own words

Simply Measured is a social media analytics solution that helps brands and agencies make sense of their social media data and create beautiful reports in Excel. We are taking a different approach to analytics by giving marketing and PR professionals full control over data and reporting from the comfort of Excel. We make it so that more time is spent making decisions than wading through data. Our customers range from data-driven measurement junkies to social media managers and marketing VPs. We create simple and useful solutions that tackle complex data problems. And our customers love us as much as we love them.

Simply Measured was originally founded as "Untitled Startup," a name based on our open customer-driven approach to developing products. We started off (and still do!) creating simple, useful solutions to big customer problems. Our first product, RowFeeder, came to market in Q1 2010 and turned us on to the massive pain marketers and PR professionals felt in their measurement and reporting tasks. Our customers loved RowFeeder due to its dead simple approach. We've been working closely with customers to refine our vision, develop new features and products, and make measurement and reporting easy. Now we not only offer RowFeeder but a whole host of other solutions.

Try out one of our free reports and you can see for yourself just how easy social media analytics can be.

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Profile updated 5 December 2017