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In their own words

Silverbakk is a social media monitoring company that wants to put social media in context. Silverbakk focuses on four areas:

  • Language classification
  • Integration (API, RSS, Widgets, XML)
  • Data quality
  • Relevance (easy to find the most engaged content)
Silverbakk is an easy-to-integrate and easy-to-use product with extensive data and areas of usage. Silverbakk also has a reseller portal that makes Silverbakk very easy to bundle with your own products where Silverbakk's social media content builds value. Reports are an important part of the platform and extensive reports are available.

Silverbakk launched in 2009 and has since then gained many customers. Amongst the companies that use Silverbakk are Scania, Nespresso, and Electrolux, as well as partners/resellers like Cision.

Silverbakk is a data-driven integration engine with social media content. is the easy-to-use interface when you want to listen to what is talked about your products, brand or trend etc. If you want to put social media in context the best way is to use Silverbakk's API and integrate social media into your own solution. Easier ways to integrate are available—both a widget platform and RSS export are available.

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Profile updated 16 April 2014