Instanbul, Turkey

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In their own words

Internet & Social Media Research & Analysis Company

  • The first and the biggest internet and social media monitoring platform in Turkey
  • The most sophisticated infrastructure
  • Easy to use, user friendly application
  • Support multiple languages, special focus on Turkish, since we are native and the our main market is Turkey, a few of which are as follows Arabic, English, Spanish, German, Russian
  • Great network; had meetings with 1,000 brands in 6 months
  • Signed contract with 100 of those brands
  • In contact with companies in Middle East

Here is what we can do in numbers:
  • Collect a total of 1 billion data in our database
  • Search 650, 000 websites daily
  • Search 50 million entries daily
  • Tag 8 million entries daily
  • Deliver data in a max of 15 min delay

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Profile updated 8 September 2020