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SAS® Social Media Analytics is an on-demand offering that integrates, archives, analyzes and reports on the effects of online conversations occurring across social media sites. Intelligence gleaned from this process helps organizations understand the effects online conversations are hav­ing on specific aspects of their business operations, act and engage.

  • SAS Social Media Analytics enhances cur­rent market research efforts by con­tinuously analyzing conversation data to identify impor­tant topics and content categories and how those topics and categories are relevant to customers in the con­text of their online community.

  • Identify advocates of, and threats to, reputation and brand. By analyz­ing professionally generated media (e.g., news articles) and consumer-generated media (e.g., blogs), the solution serves as an early-warning system to identify influencers (good or bad) on corporate reputation, organization and brand.

  • Quantify interaction among tradi­tional media and campaigns, and social media activity. By analyzing online and social media sources, marketers can understand how to reach consumers through improved behavioral targeting, media buying and planning.

  • Establish a platform for social CRM strategy. By merging market data (from blogs and other social media sources) and customer data (surveys or Web forms), market research pro­fessionals can validate then act upon a consumer need or sentiment shared across a customer base or market.
A business analytics solution provider, SAS is a leader in integrated marketing management, and the largest independent vendor in the business intelligence market.

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