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ResponseTek Media Aggregator taps into tens of thousands news and social media sources, creating a powerful customer experience management (CEM) tool to aggregate and manage public feedback and content about your brand. The solution includes sentiment analysis to gain a holistic view of brand mentions. ResponseTek’s industry-leading web hosted reporting software gives powerful, cost-effective access to distributed reporting tools for every stakeholder in the organization.

ResponseTek:Media Aggregator allows companies to:

  • Monitor Brand Mentions
  • Monitor Competitors
  • Monitor Key Industry Topics
  • Monitor Customer Experience Best Practices
Why ResponseTek:Media Aggregator?

  • Understand where and when your brand is being mentioned across all forms of online media worldwide, and take action to manage your brand effectively.
  • Track and monitor changes in public sentiment about your brand, and how it relates to your competitors.
  • Identify negative topics and influencers, and take action to mitigate their impact before they affect your brand reputation.
  • Identify supporters and promoters, and create strategies to leverage them positively in your business.
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Profile updated 16 April 2014