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The next generation of social media content creation and placement tools, ideal for journalists, bloggers, PR professionals, brand managers and anyone else who needs to understand and communicate via social media.

Narratif Discover brings context to Twitter conversations by providing you with searches based on your topic of interest, in real time. Discover has a keyword search interface, but delivers far more than a keyword search: it's great when you want to research or monitor a general topic, hashtag or name to find relevant conversations to join as they are unfolding.

Narratif Place is for people who have a story to tell - it could be a press release, a blog, a recipe, a newspaper article, or a tweet. Place connects you with conversations that are relevant to themes within your story. Track conversation flow, optimize your story with active keywords and hashtags, or reach out to influential people who are talking about topics that interest you.

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Profile updated 8 February 2017