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Meruki is a social media analytics platform to simplify social media conversations on a real time basis. It is programmed to analyse the conversations of 2.5 billion users active on social media platforms. We in an easy & engaging way filter online conversations and shares analytics in a customized format with our users.

Services We Offer:

  • Monitor: An easy & user friendly way to monitor tweets, posts, comments across popular social media platforms.

  • Analyze: Data visualization with valuble insights on social media conversations on selected tags & topics.

  • Engage: Be a better listener of online conversations. Direct converse with your followers & detrators in more engaging & cost effective way.

  • Real-time influencers: In-depth data on influencers driving the current conversations.

  • Live charts: Real-time data to keep you up to date on relevant social media conversations.

  • Sentiment analysis: Monitors the level of integration &a,[ tracks sentiment level for any timeframe.

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Profile updated 2 June 2014