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MediaWave is the first social media monitoring and analytics platform company in Indonesia. The platform has the ability to monitor many popular media in Indonesia, such as Facebook, Twitter, forums, blogs, news, images, and YouTube. Since its launch in December 2010, MediaWave has engaged with many companies in Indonesia.

MediaWave's strength is its ability to identify the Indonesian language, various local languages and slang which is commonly used in social media. In addition, MediaWave is able to filter local accounts in Indonesia only. Even if the brand is an International brand the system will only capture all conversation from Indonesia.

The MediaWave platform uses advanced technologies to ensure comfortable user experiences. Charts can be clicked to dig deeper into information and details, and the relation between keywords can be easily identified. User habits could be also identified using the MediaWave dashboard. The system automatically provides analyses such as digital brand equity, the trend number, share of voice, net sentiment, sentiment trend, influencer, cloud (relevant keyword), time behaviour, apps, city geolocation, and gender. All of this information can be crossed by keyword/brand, topic, media and sentiment.

MediaWave's digital measurement system is able to give more weight to the qualitative parameters. Thanks to our EMSS (Earn Media Shared by Sentiment Index) and NBR (Net Brand Reputation ) Index, all analysis results can be automatically exported into reports in pdf and xls format.

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Profile updated 22 April 2014